Crochet baby dress set #3



Crochet baby dress set #2


Crochet baby dress set


knit (purple/blue) ponytail hat


Baby bibs project

My baby bibs project it’s on hold, ūüė¶ sewing machine don’t work without ¬†electricity


Cowboy crochet set done!!


Now that I finally gave this set to the future Mom, I can show it up. ūüôā ‚̧

adding a zipper to an old closed sweatshirt

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Turquoise & purple mix

I will try to make a jacket with this fabric hopefully the end product look the way I visualize it.


yey!! almost finish…

BB’s short cake

The birth of a bb girl of one of our member at church has inspired me



White Skirt


I’ve made a skirt for my niece, but l liked it so much that have to made one for me too.

white skirt


quinceanera dress repairs!!!

ahhh!!! what a work, not easy at all to please a teenager this days.¬† My daughter just turned 15 few days ago, but before that day came, I wanted to make her a dress, a simple one, to take a picture of her, to remember, you know¬† memories from that only, unique, special¬†day. ¬†I knew that in our situation, I couldn’t make her anything fancy, you see I move with my kids here to the US, about 5yrs now, I think just giving it a guest, well¬† you get the idea, NO big Family here!!… but still I wanted to be a special day for her, and even if it was just us (her brothers, her,¬†daddy and mommy) I was determine to make her that dress, and of course she had a to give her opinion (the most difficult part) because it was for¬†her, and I knew she was not going to wear it if she didn’t like it, something I didn’t want it to happen after all the work I was going to put in to it. And you haven’t had the experience yet I advice you¬†just to be¬†patience.

1. Mom, I’m not getting married!!! to white!!!

2. I do like purple, but I’m not a lil gril anymore, it looks like a princess dress.

3. Oh! ok!, I like black, touches, finally you’re listening to me.

4. Yep!, looks modern, simple and I can wear it for different occasions. (before 5 we ran out of lace and was a journey trying to find the same lace which sadly¬†we couldn’t find)

5. There’s always a plan – B, and that was the final result of our dress.


Chihuahua with harness

Here!! my mother in law chiguaguas, with the harness I made for them. for me they just look so adorable in them, so, but so, cutes!!!!

rocky and chana rocky


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Round placemat

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Women’s Clothing

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harness for cats

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white dress

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4 our Big BEAR

After the harness i made for our cat, our dog looks like he was jealous, so mami made him one just for him, and i think that this spoil kid looks great

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4 babies

I didn’t knew what too do with the fabric that i received, i just started making cloths for my daughter dolls, and ended making baby cloth. Then few birthdays unexpected came to happen and i just gave them as gifts. babies

PJ’s 4 Teens

When my nice came to visit us on the summer, she was so excited, because it was her first time traveling on a plane she forgot alot of thing like sleeping cloth, thanks to a clearance in a local store l was able to buy enough to make her few so that she can wearer for the month. teens pjs

Maxi dress

maxi-dress-picture patter-maxi-cut

1. Make sure to lay and align fabric flat.

2. Draw and cut pieces out according to given layout and measurements. (make sure to keep lines and angles straight

3. Straps sees layout Рfold each strap along the fold line with ride side together and sew 1/4 seam leaving one end open turn and press.

4. lay dress front piece #2 ride side up. Lay open-ended¬†strap at center front empire line. Baste strap¬†in place. Fold bodice piece #1 wrong side together along¬†the dotted line. Border print is on the outside. Lay bodice piece #1 right side together and pin to dress skirt piece#2. Lay second strap at the center front of empire line. Baste Sew all 4 pieces together using 1/2″ seam.

5. Dress back piece #3 Make elastic casing at upper back; turn under 1/2″ and press. Turn another 1″ press and edge Stich.

6. cut elastic according¬†to size. insert 1″ elastic by pulling trough casting using a medium size safety-pin. gather all stirred fabric towards the middle and secure both ends of the elastic to each side of seam allowance.

7. pin front and back right side together and sew¬†side seams using 1/2″ seam.

8. Finishing hem turn dress hem under 1/4″ and press. turn under 1/4″ again, and press and top Stich.